lanlin ([personal profile] lanlin) wrote2013-05-18 01:02 pm

T.E.A - The Game

Being a famous hockey player, Ken Dryden looks through the benefits of being a celebrity, such as gifts and admiring letters from the fans and other special treatments, and examines the nature of being celebrity – the game of image. With professional help, a celebrity builds up the image to meet people’s expectation; for example, as a hockey player, you must not only play well on ice, but also be good at other things off ice. It doesn't matter if this image is accurate; what matters is if this image fits what people think. Unfortunately, the celebrity is not the only one in this “game”; everyone is in, and the public plays a large role in it. If we can treat a celebrity more like usual human being, not an idealized idol, pay more attention on a celebrity's reputation instead of image, we will be able to see who he/she really is better.